my name is Lars Oeschey, I’m from Ingolstadt in bavaria (where they produce those cars with four rings as symbol ;)).
I’ve been into photography for a very long time, starting in film days. I’m also a tattoo artist, which is my main profession, and probably gave me the ability to have an eye for images.  Things like the golden ratio are my daily business, and being a nerd anyway I only use cameras in manual mode, because tekkie stuff is my thing 😉

This ability to really SEE comes out in my images, be it photos, drawings or paintings (yeah, I do those too). In my point of view the actual camera you are holding isn’t the important thing, what’s important is to SEE the image you want to capture, or even imagine it before and then create it (that’s what I do when I work with models, over here larsoeschey.de )

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